Krypto The Superdog

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Krypto the superdog

Krypto the superdog

Loyal, intelligent and able to bite through steel, Krypto the Super-Dog is not just man’s best friend, he’s Superman’s best friend.

The ever-loyal companion to the baby Kal-El before the destruction of Krypton, Krypto joyfully reunited with the Man of Steel years later on Earth. Often wearing a matching red cape, Superman and Krypto act like any other man and his dog, going for walks (only in their case through the sky), playing fetch (over the course of vast distances) and just sitting and relaxing together (on places like the moon).

Like other Kryptonians, Krypto possesses vast and incredible powers granted to him by Earth’s yellow sun. With super-strength, flight, super-speed and more, Krypto assists Superman in his battle against evil whenever he can and will fight to the death to protect his master from anyone trying to harm him.

got this from dc comics

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